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2014 - 2017

Here lie projects that I've completed for art classes, internship applications, and to challenge myself...basically for your viewing pleasure to see how far I've come. 

Miekner is a fictitious advertisement. I was inspired by Chindogu art for this project. I wanted to create something that was luxury and high end, but also comical. Harkening back to the 60s when people dressed up to travel and dawned mink scarfs, I came up with Miekner, a live Dachshund scarf. This editorial advertisement is meant to be placed in a high end Skymall. 

(Created in Photoshop)

Technology Dump was inspired by the idea of magical realism.  It depicts the arduous journey a human endures throughout life with old radio microphones acting as markers for times we call out to the universe, asking if anyone is there. The picture is composed of a close-up mirror image of a rotting tree stump and found objects from a drama department's prop closet. 


(Created in Photoshop)

Makeup has always been something that has sparked joy and creativity for me. I created and wrote this spec work piece for Kat Von D's famous Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. 


(Created in InDesign)

The Truth About English Majors was created as part of my internship application for a Jr. Copywriter position at Resource Ammirati, an IBM Company. I wanted to showcase how I am both a right and left brain thinker and my willingness to step outside my comfort zone (in this case technology wise) to do something really creative and honest.


(Created in Premiere Pro)